Saturday, November 28, 2015


For this week, all the groups were able to playtest each others board game. This allowed us to provide feedback for each prototype to help make it better. I was very proud at our group that the feedback we received were very minor and easily fixable. We had no problem coming up with ways to fix the problem as a group. There was no need for multiple idea suggestions. The first suggestion that came to mind kept the core mechanics of the game constant and was still a cleaver idea. For instance, we had a problem with the stacking of your own block color on an obstacle that made it awkward for another player to stack on top. If each player were able to stack right on top of each other, that would make the game very simple. We needed more player to player interaction as professor Parks would say. So we decided to go ahead with Ben's idea. His idea was, the first person to place down a stack pays his dues with tools. Each and every person after that player must pay the tool price to the original block player. Therefore, more player to player interaction will occur and the simplicity of the stacking is fixed. For the rest of this week, we must all finish our final product of the game. The collaboration of this group is phenomenal. We have not really had many issues, we assign work for each person and the work gets done, that is how you know that this class really has taught collaboration with others . By next week, Ben would like to create the board, Stephan would like to fix the colors of the pieces and make the reference card/rule book, Eun would like to create the paths of the board game and I must create both deck of cards and create little stickers to show difference in our player pieces. We plan on meeting with each other before Friday to finalize everything and we will see how that goes!!

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