Sunday, November 1, 2015

New Groups

This week, we each created board game proposals. The group process this time was pretty cool. Being able to listen to every persons idea, choosing your top 3 favorites, and the professor combining people with their votes is a very unique way of forming a collaborative group. After what happened first round of proposals, I did not want my game to be chosen because honestly, its not fun and collaborative when people expect you to do all the work because since I came up with it its "my game." I really enjoy working with others especially when the work is equally divided. When my proposal was chosen.... again, I was both excited and really angry. I was excited because the idea is very unique and something I have never seen before in a game. I do not know how I came up with it but I think of all the things close to me, religion is one, and I come up with ideas based on that. I'm not super religious but the story of Adam and Eve has always interested me so I thought, "why not make a game out of it?" Although I would never, the purpose of the game is to act as Satan and help Adam and Eve reach the apple before any of the team members do. I think that could become a very interesting game to see how people would work against others and strategize to win. I was also however, very angry because I still had that fear that I would end up doing more work.

After getting into our groups, one thing that bothered me, is no one introduced themselves, they all looked at me and said "well uhhhh, tell us more about your game." Its a god damn proposal not a game, If I made up the full game i would just ask to work alone and make the game myself. Even while describing the proposal, Stephan was not even looking at me which showed that his interest level is not that high.
Anyway, While describing The Forbidden Fruit to my new group members, we already came across an issue which was resolved by Benjamin. We realized if we use the direction cards, each step the player takes will have to have a N,S,E, or W direction. I was originally going to make it zigzagged. Overall, I will miss my old group members but It is time to see if this class is actually teaching me something by seeing if our new group can work together just as well or even better. I just really hope that this group is not what I would expect off of first impressions.

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