Monday, November 23, 2015

Gameboard Design

Gameboard Design
Benjamin Suh

For this week we focused on a rough physical design and layout for our board game.  We decided to test out a emulation of a modular board design similar to the Settlers of Catan board game, and as we continued to discuss our ideas Rana concluded that we wanted a square shape for our board in the form of a grid of 5x5 squares that were 2x2 inches each.  All of these dimensions were subject to change so Eun suggested that we work with a paper medium first to play test since it would be more flexible.  That being said we were able to easily establish how we were going to set up each board piece with a 3x3 grid that would have certain obstacles such as the vines, boulders, chasm, and river.  We designed each obstacle to have a functional tool that would be collected and used to over come the obstacle. I suggested that we test different numbers of obstacles for each of the tiles so that we could have a good amount of variety in the game, and we all agreed.  Stephan also said that he would work on designing the game board pieces and the apple piece as the final prize.  So far I think that we have had made a positive amount of progress, and the project is really coming together well.

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